LOADS of links..

Blogs from people with diabetes/parents of children with diabetes

Annie Coops

Circles of Blue

Diabetes Queen

Diabetic Truths

Els Huckle

Endocrine Gremlin 

Everyday ups and Downs

Fluffy and Type 1


Miss Jen Grieves


Six Until Me

Steep Learning Curves

T1 Ramblings 

We were promised hoverboards

The Bad Diabetic

The good, the bad and the diabetes 

The Grumpy Pumper

The Tangerine Diabetic

The Understudy pancreas

Vicki’s Notebook 

Diabetes Related websites

Blogs from people with IBS
No more belly aches
Fabulous FODMAPs
Lady Bowels
Gluten free cuppa tea
Living happy with IBS

Awesome websites to check out

And just to bring a smile to your face, watch this…


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