Diabetes hangover

Hangover. What a horrible word. Just the thought of it makes me cringe with how pathetic I feel when I used to drink. I’m pretty much 5 feet of nothing, so it’s never taken long for me to feel the alcohol taking over my body. I have to confess that the main reason I don’t drink alcohol these days, is because of the fear of the HANGOVER. It doesn’t matter how bad the hangover is – whether it’s a slight headache, or a full blown 2 day hangover in which I feel like I’m dying. I loathe the effects of drinking. Thus why I’ve not had more than half a pint of wonderful cider, in the past seven months.

At least by giving up alcohol, I’ve freed my body from feeling it next day. However, I wish there was a way to avoid another type of hangover – the hangover from my diabetes. Ok so it isn’t a technical term, but I’ll bet my secret stash of jelly babies that if you have diabetes, you’ve heard of this phrase.

So you had a reading of 2.8 after dinner last night? Or are you feeling my 19.5 right now that just won’t budge? That fuzzy feeling in your head, the lethargy that’s taken over your whole body, and is making you have to put twice as much effort into everything you do. That there, is the diabetes hangover. Right now, I’m trying to read what I’ve written, not sure if it’ll make sense to the person who doesn’t have my hangover. My fingers are clammy and clumsy – it’s taken about 10 minutes to come up with this paragraph. Move faster, body and mind!

To everyone around me at the moment, I probably seem like I just haven’t woken up yet, this morning. It’s 9am and as I can’t drink coffee, I’ve only had a portion of caffeine in my cup of tea. I wouldn’t be surprised if my colleagues are cursing me for not working as fast and efficiently as they are. None of them have diabetes, so if I told them I have a diabetes hangover, they’d probably burst out laughing.

Trying to correct a stubborn sugar level is trying. Maybe my body has decided it just isn’t feeling today, and wants to go its own way. A couple of times over recent months, I’ve been told to say to Paul “think how bad the hangover will be”. Apparently, this is enough to stop him from drinking too much. I wish I could say this to my pancreas. “Think how bad the hangover is, when you let my sugar levels climb to 19. Do you really want to be hungover all day?”

What’s that, you know that feeling of a diabetes hangover? I’ll just slip another jelly baby into my mouth whilst the penny drops.


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