No, don’t start crying. Think how embarrassed you’ll be when your sugar levels get back to normal. All these people are staring at you. They’ll think you’re crazy – crying because you can’t open a food wrapper. What kind of a crazy person is that sensitive? Pathetic.

…Except, it’s not pathetic. This is exactly what was going on in my head yesterday, whilst having a hypo on the underground yesterday. Hypo on the train, that’s a new one to add to my list. Just typical, too. As if I wasn’t stressed enough about my impending interview, my diabetes has to jump right in and smack me with a 3.4. The irony, not having a hypo for months, and then one whilst on a packed train, in soaring temperatures, and surrounded by people who looked like they didn’t speak fluent English…just my luck.

Diabetes sure has a funny way of reminding us that it’s there, at times. If only it would be a little more considerate! Especially as I wasn’t going to try to inject for my macaroon, on what seemed like an extra rickety train! Hopefully, my diabetes calmed down enough to not have ruined an otherwise promising job interview…we’ll see…


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