September: 10 things

1.       A good old fashioned library. As a child, I loved nothing more than a trip to the library with my mum and sister. Every school holiday, I’d be there, eager to pick out my books in the morning, and as soon as I got home (after scoffing my cake from the nearby bakery), I’d be settled in my nest, reading away. A few months ago I signed up to my local library, but didn’t take any books out, until recently. And oh my. What a pleasure. Having been unwell for too long, I’ve spent my waking hours reading. Thank goodness for libraries, I say!


2.      A reason to get dressed up. It feels like yonks since I had a reason to pretty myself up, slap on some makeup and dance the night away. Ok so I didn’t quite have the energy to dance the night away, and I didn’t feel like I’d put 100% effort into my hair and makeup. However, I got to wear a dress. And pretty shoes! Oh so pretty shoes…that I managed to not fall over in.

3.       Roast dinners. The way to my heart is through my stomach. Seriously. The day I realised my IBS would stop me eating parsnips and normal gravy, was a very sad day. However, my mum makes the most stunning roast dinners and I’m sorry, but she’s probably better at roast dinners than your mum is. So neh.

4.       An approved Canada visa. So, guess who kinda forgot that this was coming around very soon? Yup. I’ve been so wrapped up trying to recover from being ill, that I haven’t had the energy or motivation to get myself sorted for my trip to Vancouver in November. But have no fear, I have an approved visa, travel insurance and all relevant documentation has been completed. In 54 days I will be on that plane, yippee!

5.       Oh my, who thought I could be so excited by a heated towel rail? A sign I’m getting old? No, just a sign that I LOVE warm towels when I get out the shower! I’m very very grateful to the plumber who fitted this for us!

6.       Crochet. As a child, I wasn’t very creative. I couldn’t can’t draw. My colouring was is terrible, I couldn’t keep within the lines. Just give me a book or a board game, and I’ll be quiet for hours! These days, I’m a big fan of finding new hobbies. A couple of years ago, I taught myself to knit. This month, I’ve taught myself how to crochet. Thanks to Mummy Douglas, I’ve been getting into ye old ‘Art of Crochet’ magazine.

Shut_the_box7.       Shut the box. I got stupidly excited when I found this game in the shops, recently. My wonderful Nanny Jane bought the travel version when I was about 6 years old, and I loved it. Even if I didn’t have anyone to play it with, I’d be happy playing on my own. Sure, it’s only a simple game that doesn’t last very long, but I love it. Such happy memories of playing this game.

 8.       Sophisticated teacups and saucers. Yes, I know I’m not really helping the whole ‘old age’ theme, but isn’t this the cutest cup and saucer? I love a good cup of tea. I love it even more when it’s in a cup like this.

 9.       Just Giving. When I’m in Vancouver, I’ve put my name down to run the 5k IDF race. So I’ll be running in the cold. Probably in the rain. Perhaps n the snow. Eek. I set up my Justgiving page just on the off chance that I could raise £50 for Diabetes UK. I’ll be honest, £50 would be pushing it, I thought. Wow. There are a lot of lovely people out there, who have helped me to reach £130. If you can sponsor me, there’s still time. Just click this lovely little link to do it online. Or talk to me?

 5 mins peace10.   5 minutes peace book. Ok so technically I haven’t bought it just yet, but I’ve been saying for weeks that I’m going to…5 minutes peace is a book I had when I was a child. I loved it. I’ve discovered recently from living with a smelly boy man that I sympathise with the mother elephant in the story. 5 minutes peace, what a wonderful thing that would be! Even though it’s just the two of us living together and I love him to bits, will I ever get 5 minutes to myself?


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