August: 10 things

August was pretty much a write off for me, in terms of having a life. Dramatic, I know. But seriously, I ended up in A&E thanks to my IBS. That’s not the worst part. The worst part was that I did ZERO shopping, in August. No clothes, no handbags, no books. The next thing I knew when I made it to the shops at the weekend, all the Autumn stock was in. How did that happen?!

Anyhow, because August was a pants month, it made me really appreciate the little things in life.

  1. Raising money for charity. Big thumbs up and gushing admiration goes to my sister, Em. What better way to start the month, than raising money for a good cause? Exactly! I’m so proud of my sister for organising the charity quiz night, in aid of Cancer Research UK. It was a really fun night, my team almost won (we should have won) and Em raised over £300.
Proud sister alert. My sister is better than your's...
Proud sister alert. My sister is better than your’s…

2. OK so we’ve already established that my sister is the best. More proof? Em recently made gluten free heaven  almond macaroons. With my being ill, my stomach seems to not tolerate much, these days. Except these babies. In fact, for a couple of days I ate nothing but the macaroons. Em’s given me the recipe but I personally don’t think they’ll be as nice unless she makes them…

3. Now, I’m not really a flowery person. If killing plants was a crime, I’d have been sent to prison a long time ago. However, when you’re stuck at home, miserable and fed up, it’s lovely having something colourful to look at. I’ve been given a lot of flowers this months, from wonderful people. I’ve been trying so hard to keep them alive, this time!

4. netflixOh, where would I be without Netflix? Oh so many films, TV shows, documentaries, and so much time to binge on it all. Netflix has been my companion over the past couple of months, and I’m so so grateful for the person who created it.  I’m not usually one for watching films, but I’ve been challenging myself to get through as much on Netflix, as possible (yes, I really don’t have a life at the moment).

21-jump-street-poster-artwork5. Which brings me to 21 Jump Street. I’ve seen 22 Jump Street on Netflix for ages, but didn’t want to watch it until I’d seen 21 Jump Street. I’d go out on a limb here and say that 21 Jump Street is the best comedy I’ve seen in a long time. Just what I needed – laughter is after all, the best medicine.



6. I am so lucky to have such a good relationship with my family. It feels like we get on a lot better than a lot of families. Thank goodness. My mum has cooked for me, we’ve chatted until I’ve fallen asleep. My dad has been there to solve my problems. My sister has kept me updated with her sketch show life. I love them all to bits, and cannot find the words to thank them for finding the strength to help me all the time I’ve been unwell.

7. Milkshake. Before I became lactose intolerant, I would have a glass of milk every night, before going to bed. I’m not a big fan of the taste of soya milk, on it’s own. So excuse me while I get excited for no added sugar milkshake mixture. The ones I’ve been having are supposed to buildup my strength and help me put on weight, but they are absolutely LUSH.

8. I’ve felt like a complete hermit recently, spending most of my time asleep in bed, or falling asleep in front of the TV. One positive that has come out of this though, is that my nails are now lovely and long (remember, I’m all about appreciating the small things…). Because I don’t have the energy to run around like a madwoman (as usual), I’ve become a fan of nail polish. Barry M, I love all of your pretty colours!

9. I’ve been able to catch up with my reading, this month. A book I particularly enjoyed was The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly. I picked it up in a charity shop ages ago, but have only just gotten round to reading it. I was a good read, if a bt surreal at times, but I enjoyed it. What’s even cooler, it had been signed by the author. I do love a book with a story to tell.

10. This is going to sound a bit weird, but my GP deserves a spot in this month’s happy post. For 4 years  have suffered with IBS. When I was with my old GP surgery, I was simply told I had to simply learn to live with IBS. Recently, my IBS has got worse, but my GP has been an absolute star. Having someone tell you he wants to find out what the problem is, rather than just giving you medication to cover it up, is very much a breakthrough, in my eyes. I’m so glad  changed my GP surgery, it’s so nice to feel like someone cares.