July: 10 things

A little late but better late than never, right?

1.July started how every month should start – with a holiday. Due to various house buying and proper grown up responsibilities, I didn’t have a full holiday last year, so this was more than welcome. The man and I drove to the beautiful Perranporth in Cornwall, and it was truly bliss. It’s funny, we did a lot but at the same time, nothing. We visited a lot of places and saw a lot that you just wouldn’t see in Essex. And of course, I was in the hot tub every morning before breakfast!


2.This book. The Miniaturist. I don’t read half as much as a) I used to and b) I’d like to. I used to get through books on a weekly basis, now though, I’m lucky if it takes a month to finish a book. This book made me want to change this. I’ve heard so many good reviews about it, and boy, did it keep me gripped. If you haven’t read it, drop everything and go read it, now!

3.  Spending time with the sister. My baby sister is no longer a baby, as she turned 20 this month. Gosh, that has made me feel old. Nevertheless, the two of us had a great day out in London, for her birthday. We went to the zoo (I swear Em could spend all her days there) and then headed to Chinatown for some dinner. Despite plenty of blisters between us, we did so much walking that day. I was asleep by 8pm!DSC_0329


4. I’m definitely a sunshine girl. Winter always seems twice as long as the Summer months, and I truly loathe it. So when we get days filled with sunshine, I am in paradise. Despite the typical English weather meaning we do still get rainy days in July, we’ve been lucky enough to have a few days that have been glorious. Give me some sunshine and a book, and I’ll be a happy bunny. Want to please me even more? Give me enough heat to let me sit outside in the evening. Yup, that’s happened this month. Happy days!

The glorious Cornish sea and sand
The glorious Cornish sea and sand

5. As messy and annoying as he can be sometimes, I do love my man. I missed him a whole load when he went to Latitude Festival last weekend (I don’t DO camping so didn’t go). I’m glad to have him back, all to myself. And his mess. And his smelly feet.


6. Two months after joining, I’m still making the effort to go to the gym. The weirdest bit? I think I actually like it. Yes, I know I was always the one to say I’d never join the gym, but stranger things have happened. I’m not as hardcore as some of the people who go to the gym, but I don’t want to be. A session on the treadmill and 20km on the bikes will do me nicely.


7. Now, I’ll admit I’m a tea fiend. I have been for the past 9 years. Even when I became lactose intolerant, I switched to soya milk. I am a big fan of tea. However, there are times when tea just isn’t right. Like when the sun is blazing. In Cornwall, I stopped by Costa Coffee and decided to *shock* try something different *shock*. Oh my, what a wonderful day that was. A mint choc chip frappe with soya milk. Who would have thought something in a plastic cup could taste so good.

8. Living with IBS is difficult. At the start of this month, I went to the Allergy & Free From Show with Lizzie, to seek out those fellow IBS sufferers (along with those who are Coeliac, Vegetarian, Vegan or allergic to other things). As well as the masses of free samples, I came across brands that I endeavour to try in the near future, and some cool websites that look to ease the burden of food allergies and intolerances. Plus, I got to spend time with the Lovely Lizzie. What’s not to love in this?

9. A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to learn to knit. With the help of my mum showing me how to cast on, and loads of Youtube videos, I’ve knitted hats, scarves and even a jumper. This month, I’m happy to say I’ve got back into my knitting phase. I don’t know what it is about knitting, but it helps me to escape and massively chills me out. I’m not crazy (or an old lady), I read an essay about someone who ‘knitted themselves back together’.

10. So, you might not know, but I’ve been chosen to represent Diabetes UK at the World Diabetes Congress, which is happening in November, in Canada. I’m so excited. This month, I’ve signed up to take part in a 5KM run whilst I’m there. That ladies and gentleman, is plenty of motivation for me, physically and mentally. Shame I forgot about the potential snow at that time of year…



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