Tummy troubles

I’m jumping to the other side in this post and talking about my IBS, rather than my diabetes. Even though diabetes is known to be wrought with potential complications, there are times when I worry much more about IBS and the amount of aggro it causes me. 4 years after being diagnosed with IBS, I am still getting to grips with the condition, and trying to find a way to cope with it better.

A couple of years ago, I was referred to a dietitian who suggested I try the FODMAP diet. In it’s simplest form, the FODMAP diet cuts out 5 sugars that are most difficult to break down, after eating. These are FERMENTABLE, OLIGOSACCHARIDES, DISACCHARIDES, MONOSACCHARIDES AND POLOYS. The basis of the FODMAP diet is 6-8 weeks of eliminating all of these sugars. After this period, you begin to reintroduce the sugars, one at a time.

When I initially did this diet at the end of 2013, I didn’t find any sense of relief from cutting out all the foods that were supposedly troublesome. However, I’ve recently come across an online community of people who have I’m currently in my third week of eliminating the FODMAP foods. If it weren’t for all the stress I’ve been under recently, I think I’d be feeling good right now. I’ve not had any flare up’s caused by food, in the past 3 weeks. From stress, I’ve had 2 pretty uncomfortable flare ups – the ones that make you just want to hide under the duvet and sleep, until it goes.

Because FODMAPs are found in the majority of sauces and meal solutions, I’ve been doing a lot of my own cooking. I do like cooking but I don’t always have the time or energy to cook from scratch after finishing work. However, being on this diet has meant that I’ve had to make time to cook. And you know what, I’ve made some real tasty dinners! I’ve also made contact with some lovely people, with awesome recipes. Check out the lovely Amy – I made her lasagne with a twist, and chicken gumbo.

I feel like carrying on with the low FODMAP diet, seeing as I’ve had some good results so far. I am a little apprehensive about the reintroduction phase. I don’t want to jeopardise my stomach. Even though I’ve started the FODMAP on my own initiative, I do wish I could have the support of a dietitian for the reintroduction phase. A trip to the GP for a referral might be on the cards…


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