Dear Diabetes

Dear Diabetes, do you get pleasure from
Playing cluedo with my pancreas and I?
We don’t know whether we’re up in the clouds
Or way down low in the valleys of time.
You give us the shakes, you wear us down
You make us want to let it all out, cry like a babe.

Dear Diabetes, what do you expect
From my pancreas and I?
We wake up in the middle of the night
To tend to your needs.
Broken pancreas, broken sleep, what more
Will you take from us?

Dear Diabetes, why do you persist
In giving that extra push to my pancreas and I?
We did not ask for you, and still we treat you right.
Checking on this little broken pancreas,
Hoping no more damage will come.
Please diabetes, disappear tonight.

Dear Pancreas, I have heard your request.
Sadly I am bound to you, for there is no way to rid you of me.
Yes, you work hard, and I throw obstacles in your path.
But to be frank, I don’t know why I’m here.
Nobody likes me and quite rightly so.
But you are stuck with me and I won’t be ignored.

Dear Mind, I know I make your life hell.
I make you sad, I make you cry.
I make you wish I would just disappear.
I cannot and will not do that, I am here to stay.
Learn to accept me. Take in my highs and my lows.
I am diabetes and we’re in this for the ride.

Dear Diabetes, you do not see the true
Hurt that you cause my pancreas and I.
With you on our back, trying to lead a normal life.
You are invisible to others, they do not see
The pain and effort you demand.
24/7 you follow us around.

Dear Diabetes, we look after you.
We treat your highs and lows
We try to keep fit and eat healthy food.
We follow the rules to keep you at bay.
Give us a break, before you break us.

Dear Diabetes, what can we do
To get rid of you?



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