Confession time

Confession time
Ok, let’s get this out of the way. I have a confession to make. I’ve not done anything I shouldn’t have. What I have to confess to is the NOT doing something I should have.

Wednesday evening I noticed my pot of test strips was getting a little low. That’s fine, I thought. I have another pot in my drawer. *Insert big Family Fortunes ‘Incorrect’ buzzer noise* WRONG. Louise, you have run out of test strips and haven’t even ordered your next lot, yet. Silly girl.

I don’t quite know how it happened, but people forget. That’s ok. I’ll just put in my repeat prescription in tomorrow after work, and hope that they can speed it up. Sorted.

*Insert big Family Fortunes ‘Incorrect’ buzzer noise* WRONG.

I forgot that the surgery is only open until 1pm on a Thursday. I don’t really know why this is, but it’s been the case with the other surgeries I’ve been a part of. Louise, you should have dropped by the surgery on your way to work. Silly girl.
I should say that when I realised I was running low on test strips Wednesday, I had 3 strips left. I check my blood sugar levels at least 4 times a day.

You don’t need to be a mathematician to see where I’m going with this…

Friday afternoon. I manage to request a repeat prescription, but it won’t be ready until Monday, if I’m lucky. Great. No more test strips, and I have the weekend to get through.

I don’t like not being able to check my sugar levels regularly. I feel out of control and it makes me lazy. There is no way I can judge how much insulin to give myself for meals. I could be high before eating. I could be low. Louise, you’re a silly girl.

The situation wasn’t helped by the fact that I had 1 or 2 (or 3,4 or 5) ciders Saturday. It felt dangerous, but I knew I would more than likely be high, so I wasn’t too worried. Because I couldn’t check my levels, I had a healthy lunch and healthy dinner, both meals had very few carbs. Fingers crossed, I’ll be ok.

I decided to ask for a miracle, and I managed to find a test strip. My meter told me I was 10.5. I was chuffed at this. I’d been drinking alcohol, I’d eaten, and I was neither sky high or rocketing towards the bottom. Not pushing my luck, I stopped drinking, and had a glucose tablet, to keep me going overnight.

Let’s fast forward to today, Monday. I’ll confess that I haven’t checked my blood since Saturday. (Paul, if you read this, pleaaaaase don’t tell me off, I’ve done that already!) Luckily, I’m picking up my prescription after work today, so I can get back on track with checking my levels.

I do feel terribly naughty for my lack lustre attitude toward my diabetes, this weekend. Let it be a lesson to you all – always make sure you put in your prescription in advance!

EDIT: Life is never simple, but what comes next is probably karma for being so lack lustre. So, here’s how the excitement continued yesterday. My plan was to pick my prescription up from the surgery, and get my test strips, have dinner and happily make my way to my zumba class. Oh no, how could I have been so naive, thinking all would go smoothly. Silly me. What actually happened was a lot more time consuming, frustrating but funny to watch if you saw me.

My surgery had somehow elected my prescriptions to be sent straight to pharmacy, to save me time. Sure, it would have saved me time if they had informed me, first! It would have saved me time if they had told me it would be taken to the pharmacy near where I work. It would have saved time if I hadn’t driven to the wrong Tesco or caught up in traffic, whichever way I went.

Moral of the story – always make sure you put in your prescription in advance!


One thought on “Confession time

  1. Louise,
    I have been caught out like this a few times but I have discovered you can buy pots of 10 Accu-Chek strips from boots for approx £6. This has saved me a few times! I went to Florida a few years ago and even though I took 2 pots of 50 I wasn’t sure this was enough so I went to a pharmacy to but another pot of 50. It cost me $80 which is about £51! I was shocked but bought them anyway just in case. It turns out I didn’t need them and brought them home with me. 😆

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