A work of art

Day 6 Favorites and Motivations – Link List.
If you have been blogging for a while, what is your favorite sentence or blogpost that you have ever written? Is it diabetes related or just life related?

With my blog, I tend to write as I think. I sometimes don’t stop to read it over (perhaps I should) before publishing. The one post I’ve written and taken the most care of, is this post from way back in 2013. I spent a lot of preparing this post, and was so happy that people commented on their experiences, whether they be similar or in disagreement.

I have always said that I write this blog as a king of therapy. It’s an added extra that people take the time to read my posts, and even leave comments. I’ve met some great people through the online community, and I just hope that I can continue to write engaging posts and connect with people in a similar situation!


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