Day 5: Taking a cue from Adam Brown’s recent post, write a post documenting what you eat in a day! Feel free to add links to recommended recipes/shops/whatever. Make it an ideal day or a come-as-you-are day – no judgments either way.

I have a love/hate relationship with food.
I love going to restaurants.
I love trying new foods.
I love cooking (I’m a little lazy, I’ll admit that).
I love finding a food that tastes good, and doesn’t irritate my IBS…
I hate that choosing what to eat at a restaurant turns into a chore.
I hate how much stress comes from making sure I eat something that won’t lead me to curling up in pain.
I hate how I have to juggle my food choices, taking into consideration my diabetes and IBS.

So you see. Eating stresses me out, which causes my IBS to flare up. On the other hand, I love it when I eat something that doesn’t aggravate me stomach, and my BG levels are in range 2 hours post meal.

So after all this, what DO I eat?

Generally, I eat porridge for breakfast. Breakfast is a meal I’ve never enjoyed. I used to try my best to skip it when I was at school. A breakfast bar (that was coated in sugar) would be pushing the limit. I do try to have breakfast everyday, to give myself the best possible start to the day.

For lunch, I vary between a gluten free sandwich with cold lunch meat, or a salad. I’ll have a small chunk of cheese with the sandwich, and a piece of fruit. I’ll usually eat the fruit first, to get it out the way (I’d rather have a plate of vegetables than a piece of fruit!)…

At 3pm I generally have a snack – oatcakes, a piece of fruit, popcorn or rick cakes.
Dinner is where I like to be most adventurous. The only thing is, when I finish work, I just want dinner, and be done with my day. Exciting dinners are saved for the weekend. So for my dinners, I’ll generally have a meat, vegetable and some sort of potato.

I rarely eat any snacks after dinner. Wow, looking at that, it seems like I don’t really eat a lot.

I like to think I deal with my relationship between food and diabetes quite well. I know where I’m at with my insulin ratios, and my post meal readings are usually pretty good. I’m happy with where I am, I just need to sort my IBS!


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