Cleaning out my closet…

I’ll admit my stomach did a little flip when I saw today’s theme. To be honest, I should have let the other half write this post – he’d no doubt go on a big rant about how I leave traces of my diabetes around the house, in my car, in his car, even in the garden (in the middle of winter, when I don’t go out there…)

I appear to have a problem with getting rid of my test strips. I have good intentions – I put them in my diabetes case, ready to throw away at the end of each day. Except, we all know that doesn’t happen. The other half secretly picked up all the test strips he found lying around last year, and put them in a jar. When he showed me how full the jar was, I cringed. So many test strips, where have they all come from? Still, at least it proves I check my sugar levels regularly…

Another thing I should really get rid of, is the collection of meters that I have obtained, have maybe used once and put back in their box, never to be used since. I’m a bit of a Meter Geek, I think. If I see someone giving meters away, I grab one. It doesn’t matter that I already have 12 at home. It doesn’t matter that I love the meter I already use. It doesn’t matter that I know I won’t ever use the new meter. Most places only supply 10 test strips with the meters – that works out to be 2 days’ testing for me. Not enough to decide if I like the meter or not. You never know, though. I might feel like being as spontaneous with my choice of meters, as my diabetes is with my body!



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