Are you having a laugh, diabetes?

I’ve just recovered from my first hypo in 2015. Hurrah, I hear you say! Well, hurrah and not so hurrah. I’ve been pretty out of range over the past few months, due to a ‘a momentary shift in priorities’ (a phrase recently explained by Vicki). My HbA1c has shot up from 44 to 62 (5.2% to 7.8% in old school terms).

So yes, that explains the lack of hypos, recently. Those of you who have read my previous posts, will remember that since being diagnosed with diabetes in 2011, I have struggled to feel my hypos. I very rarely get any symptoms. Every GP, nurse and consultant I’ve seen, has told me that it would return after a period of about 6 weeks with no hypos. Hmm. Not strictly true. For me, at least.

I was all set for my Friday night gluten free pepperoni pizza, with a dollop of ketchup (can you tell how excited I get about food…?!) and was just doing my usual sugar level check, to see how much insulin to give myself for the pizza. You’ll understand my frustration when the monster in the photo below appeared…3.1. Are you having a laugh, diabetes?! Just let me stuff my face, inject and chill for the night!

photo (6)

I’m not saying I didn’t still stuff my face (it was a darn good pizza!), but extreme figures always get me thinking, and distract me from the beauty of my food. The good thing is, I know why I was low – I overestimated the carbs in my earlier snack. Fair enough, we all make mistakes, right?!

What annoyed me about this particular hypo was that I felt totally normal. No feeling agitated, no Incredible Hulk mood, no blurred vision, no shaky hands. Nothing. It worries me. If I don’t feel the first hypo I have in 4 months, what will it take to feel my hypos?!

I am sensible, in that I check my sugar levels constantly – before eating, before exercise, before driving, before bed etc. I know how eager diabetes is to catch me out. BUT YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED, DIABETES! I will beat you, every time! Sadly, this hypo may mean I have to pester my DSN, next week.





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