Things come in three’s…

After a bad start to the year, I’m hoping I’m coming to the end of my stint with bad luck. They say things come in three’s so based on that, the rest of this year is going to be FANTASTIC for my family and I. Bring it on!
There’s been a lot of stress in recent weeks – car crashes, multiple its, sprained ankles, the lot! As a result, a certain ‘d’ word seems to have been forgotten. I’m only going to whisper the word ‘diabetes’ in this post, for fear of being screamed and yelled at for my lack of control and enthusiasm for it in recent weeks. I have to admit, I’m currently in two minds about my diabetes – Diabetes is with me, whether or not I like it, and there is nothing I can do to change this. I don’t have to let it control the way I live my life. – On the other hand, diabetes is the one thing that I probably could get to grips with, compared with the multiple ‘disasters’ I’ve had hit my family. 
Before Christmas, I was struggling with ‘diabetes burnout’. I can’t say I was completely over it, but I was slowly getting back to being (almost) in the right frame of mind to not be afraid of the d word. And then life (January) happened. Cue the near-mental breakdown and a complete refusal to make any effort. 
I’m hoping that February will be a better month, both for myself and my family, but also in terms of the d word. To conquer my current feelings toward d word, I’m going to go back to basics – ye good ol’ pen and paper! If I can monitor my levels and keep track of what insulin I’m having and when, then maybe I can get back to how things were a few months ago.
Fingers crossed to February being better than January…