10 things I wish people knew about my diabetes

As far as I know, nothing could have stopped my from getting diabetes
At the moment, there isn’t a cure for diabetes. As a result, I will always have to live with it.
I don’t get any breaks from my diabetes. It follows me round at work, home, on holiday, in the cinema, in nightclubs, in restaurants. It is ALWAYS there.
Whatever you’ve been told, I CAN eat that cake, if I want to…
Diabetes is very much a rollercoaster. I have good days and bad days, with my sugar levels.
Diabetes is invisible. Even I look ‘well’, I might still be having troubles.
I sometimes have to sacrifice my precious sleep, to check my sugar levels.
If I’m low, I feel tired, grumpy and not with it. If my levels are high, I feel tired, grumpy and not with it.
Millions of people could be like me, and have the condition, but they might not even know it.
Most importantly, diabetes doesn’t change who I am as a person. It simply adds to who I am.

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