Need to re-focus

I may well be writing this post as a form of procrastination, but if it helps me to clear my head, that’s not a bad thing, surely?

The past few months have been pretty hectic. I am now a homeowner, work has remained busy and I wouldn’t say my health is at it’s best, right now. Sadly, this seems to be starting to have an effect on my diabetes management. I feel like it’s slipping out of control. Instead of beating myself up about this, I’ve allowed myself to let my diabetes take a backseat. I probably would have gone crazy if I had remained as rigid through all this, as I like to be.

So ok, I have spent a good 20 minutes this evening, uploading my sugar levels and insulin doses to the DAFNE Online site. It turns out that a year ago this week, I did my DAFNE course (cause for celebration?!?!) so this post is perhaps well timed. Since I was diagnosed (nearly) three years ago, I have always kept track of my sugar levels by writing them down, or logging them in whatever app I’m fancying at the time. I find writing my levels down, helps to pick out any patterns in my daily routine. I printed a month’s worth of sugar levels to one of my appointments with the DSN a few months ago, and insisted she read through every level, every comment, on every page. Amazingly, she did.

Anyway, having caught up with my diary now, I’ve noticed a few things that may need to be addressed. Over the past month, I’ve only had 2 hypos (I was SO happy to feel one of them!) but I’ve had 18 readings over 11. This is a worry for me. Anything over 10 usually makes me feel absolutely terrible. I just want to sleep, and priorities will be pushed aside, due to my lack of concentration when I am high.

Having registered with the GP in my new area, I had my HbA1c checked recently. Back in March it was 39, which inevitably meant I was having too many hypos and possibly having them without realising. My latest reading was 44. This means that it is going up slowly, but with all my high readings over the past couple of months, I was expecting it to be a bit higher. My GP told me that 48 is a good place to be. As a result, he’s told me I need to be aiming for around 8 before meals. Since he suggested this, I think I’ve only managed this once or twice. But at the same time, being around 5-7 is good for me, at least it’s not nearing hypo stage!

Another issue that may need some attention, is that for the past week or so, I have woken up higher than when I went to bed. I know, I know, I need to test my basal. But at the moment that is almost as bad as suggesting torture. I’m not sleeping very well so the sleep that I do get is precious. I don’t want to wake up to a horrible alarm at 3am. Eurgggh. It has to be done, though, I guess. Boo.

Life is going to be calming down in the near future hopefully, so maybe this will give me a chance to re-focus on my diabetes.