Getting back on track

It’s been a while since I posted on here. What with becoming a homeowner, and the launch of the local Diabetes UK Voluntary Group, I’ve had next to no time to myself, let alone stop and think about a blog post. I’m not going to ramble on about what I’ve been up to, it probably isn’t as exciting to you. Just crazy manic times for little Louise.
Aside from the manic lifestyle over the past 2 months, I do have a slight confession to make. I have most certainly not been able to keep on track with my own diabetes management. And yes, I think I’m starting to feel the effects of not closely monitoring my levels. I wouldn’t say my diabetes has become out of control , but I am now conscious of the fact that I haven’t been checking my levels as often, not even before eating, sometimes. Life is just coming at me, so FAST!
Since I had a CGM for a week in March, I’ve not heard from my diabetes clinic. I’ve spoken to them regarding the local voluntary group, but not a word has been said about how I’m doing. My week with a CGM was a ‘perfect diabetes’ week, with no highs and no lows. This meant that my DSN wasn’t able to pick up on my hypo unawareness. I think sadly as a result of this, I have been forgotten. I will make a point of requesting a blood test in the next few weeks, as I do know how important it is to keen on track of my levels. I want to be on track, and I want to be in control.
I’m lucky my boyfriend is so good at reminding me to do my background insulin every evening. This is the one that I am most likely to forget. Sorry, but I have forgotten a few times. Time to set an alarm on my phone, I think!
Even though I’ve not had any negative consequences of my slight relaxing of diabetes management, there have been some very subtle changes. For example, I’ve increased my background insulin from 5 to 8. As I split the dose, I am injecting 6 in the evening and 2 in the morning. This seems a very uneven split, but at the moment it is working for me. I might find that when my life is less manic, I go back down to just 5 units. We’ll see.
Looking back at my diary of sugar levels, I am feeling a little guilty perhaps, that there are a lot of gaps. I have been known for being a little obsessive about my recordings, as I like to keep my readings in several places (you never know when technology is going to fail!).
I’ve still got a lot going on right now, and even more in the next few weeks, but I’m really going to make the effort to improve my diabetes management. This means I’ll go back to logging every blood sugar reading, taking my background insulin at 9am and 9pm, checking my levels before every meal and injecting when I need to (another confession: I’ve not always been injecting for snacks, but it’s suited me, so meh!) and not too many sugary snacks. I can do this!
Even more challenging, I’m planning on starting a run/walk and eventually running this space!

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