31 Day Blog Challenge | Day 22

blog challenge

A lot of good things have happened this year. One of the best things, was going on insulin. Some people may have thought this was terrible, the thought of needles for the rest of my life. I didn’t think about it this way..

For the past 18months, my DSN had insisted I tried every tablet there was. This was due to me being type 1.5. I personally knew that this wasn’t working for me. My body didn’t like metformin, gliclazide, sitagliptin, or any other tablet. Sitaglipin put me in hospital, giving me gastritis. This was not a happy 18 months for me.

March 2013 saw me inject insulin, for the very first time. It was easy, not scary, and made me feel like I could control my blood glucose levels. I saw an almost instant improvement and even though my diabetes isn’t perfectly controlled yet, I feel a lot better in my self.

So, yes, going on insulin was the best thing to have happened to me, this year (so far).


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