31 Day Blog Challenge | Day 20

blog challenge


One time that stands out a lot, and one that I often think about, was in 2007. I’d had glandular fever in the summer period, and was bed-ridden for 7 weeks. During this time, my friends made no effort to see me, or to see how I was doing. I was unable to work, which I knew would leave me with money troubles during my second year of uni. I also saw nothing of my ex during this time, as he was too busy with his own life. Even when I was better, I didn’t feel like me, and I found myself in a downward spiral.

I remember this time as being particularly terrible, because I was failing my classes at uni. This really hurt me, as I’d always done reasonably well in school and college, and wasn’t used to not getting the grades I wanted.

The period of June 2007-May 2008 ws one of the worst times of my life. I had a crazy three months, where I just wanted to go clubbing, get drunk every night, and forget about my feelings. I’m glad this only lasted three months, it was a lonely time. Things got to the point where I spent most nights crying in my room, ignoring my housemates’ pleading to let them in my room.

However, I still had an inch of strength, deep down. And so, when mum told me to quit uni, and come back to the comfort of my life at home, I said no. I ‘stuck it out’ until the end of the academic year, and my exam results weren’t too disastrous. This time of my life, is a time that I will keep close to me, for years to come. It is heart warming to look back to that time, look to where I am now, and to see that I made it. All those times I’ve felt like giving up, I haven’t. I’m still standing.




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