31 Day Blog Challenge | Day 16

blog challenge

My bucket list. Not something I’ve ever thought about, if I’m being honest. That doesn’t in any way, mean I don’t have dreams or goals. I have plenty. I want to see amazing, beautiful places. I want to take up unique hobbies and interests. There’s a lot I want to do in my life.

However. After scratching my head, and thinking for longer than I should have whilst at work. The top of my bucket list is…drum roll please…..

I want to do a bungee jump. 

I don’t like the thought of a parachute jump, or a skydive. So to be honest, I think I mist have been at the end of my tether when I decided this.

Although, one thing stops me thinking about this. Having diabetes, am I actually allowed to do a bungee jump? There are all sorts of warnings for any adrenalin-ridden activity. Is this purely because of insurance issues? Or is something terrible likely to happen if I take the jump? I’m not planning on doing any bungee jumping in the near future, but something I should look into, in preparation!


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