31 Day Blog Challenge | Day 14

blog challenge

If I won big in the lottery, I really don’t think I’d be that extravagant. I wouldn’t rush out to buy Prada or Gucci. I wouldn’t buy an island to live on. I wouldn’t spend it on the latest technology, or on a visit to space. I like to think I’d keep my head. Sure, I’d treat myself. But I wouldn’t change my lifestyle, completely.

The first thing I would do, would be to pay the rest of my parents’ mortgage and buy them a house. I wouldn’t buy them a mansion. They wouldn’t want that. I’d buy them a modest, family home, in Essex, London, wherever they want to go. I wouldn’t want them to have to worry about money. My parents have built our wonderful family, from absolutely nothing. We lived in a one bedroom flat, until my sister. Mum and dad gave up their bedroom, and had to sleep on a sofa bed in our living room. It is time for me to give a least some back, of what they have given my sister and I!

The next thing I’d do, would be to buy my sister a car. What’s that, a Fiat 500? If I win the lottery, my dear Emma, that will be my gift to my lovely sister. That should at least hurry along the time it takes until I get a taxi!

I’d obviously buy a house for Paul and I to make our home. We have spent so long saving for a deposit, and as close as we are, it never seems to be enough! How great it would be, to have the money to buy a house, and start making a life as proper grown ups!

The only thing left to do, would be to take a nice holiday! Somewhere hot, somewhere remote, somewhere that looks a little like Paradise. Yes, please!

On my return, I’d love to open a second hand book shop, and go to work every day, to read and discover more classics!

I know what I’ll be dreaming about, tonight!


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