31 Day Blog Challenge | Day 13

blog challengeOne of my earliest memories, is from when I was a bridesmaid for my aunt. I was 3 years old, the youngest of three bridesmaids. Because I was the only one on my aunt’s side of the family, I remember my nan fussing over me, making sure she knew where I was, making sure I was safe. My Nanny Jane always spoiled me, she really was the best nan in the world.

The memory is made ever so slightly more embarassing, by the fact that I fell down the stairs in the church, and all the flowers in my basket fell on to the floor! Even as a 3 year old, I remember the humiliation. Why was it me falling over, and not the big grown up bridesmaids?!

Ken & Louise (2)


My aunt got married in August 1991. This is me, wearing my bridesmaid dress Christmas Day, that year. I felt like a real princess, dancing with my dad.


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