31 Day Blog Challenge | Day 11

blog challenge


  1. My family
  2. My Paul Sinclair
  3. My big fluffy purple scarf
  4. My SLR camera
  5. My car
  6. My Nica handbag (can’t decide which one, I have too many!)
  7. My black wedge shoes
  8. My laptop
  9. My collection of books, both old and new
  10. My CD collection
  11. My collection of herbal tea bags
  12. My gold sovereign ring, that I have worn since I was 11.
  13. My ‘I love NY’ hoodie
  14. My box of memories. Contains many train tickets, concert tickets, letter etc.
  15. My knitting needles. I have so many, but I like to use the same ones!

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