To those of you who are not me

To those of you who have no health conditions, have a good immune system and are rarely ill:
Do not dare tell those who do have health issues, to man up, stop being so dramatic, and ‘power through’. I for one, did not choose to have diabetes. I do not choose to have hospital appointments, to find out what is causing my this agony. I do not give up at the first obstacle. I do not choose to be in so much pain, that I can do nothing but cry.
It really winds me up that I get ‘attitude’ from those I work with or know in my life, about my health. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t have diabetes. I wouldn’t have anaemia. I certainly wouldn’t choose to live near enough every day of my life in agony. Life happens. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad. When it is bad, do not try to make us feel guilty about our situation.
I’d love to hand over my health issues to those who have got away with not having problems. Do you want my diabetes? Do you want to be thrown from doctor, to doctor, each telling you different things? Do you want my agonising stomach complaints, that I’m supposed to ‘live with’? Do you want my depression? I thought not.
On behalf of everyone who has chronic medical conditions, I invite the rest of you to think for one minute, how we might be feeling. It’s not difficult.c Why not go one step further…wish us ‘luck’ before a hospital appointment, or ask us if we’re ok. It won’t hurt you to ask.

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