31 Day Blog Challenge | Day 2

blog challenge

I’m going to make these posts as little do with my health, as possible. So here goes, 20 facts about myself…

  1. I have silver russell syndrome.
  2. Doctors said I’d never reach 5ft. I laughed when I reached 5feet.
  3. I am a terrible singer. I was even thrown out of the school choir.
  4. The smell of bananas make me feel sick.
  5. The first concert I went to, was Blue, at Wembley when I was 15.
  6. I once wrote to Blue Peter, asking for a badge. Funnily enough, I didn’t get one.
  7. I can’t do forward rolls.
  8. I am terrified of rats & mice.
  9. I once danced to S Club 7 in front of the whole of Yr 7 on my own.
  10. I HATE the winter.
  11. I have size 1 feet. This isn’t cute. It is torture buying shoes.
  12. My favourite drink is milk. But it makes me ill. Sad times.
  13. I have a tendency to watch tv programs 3 years after everyone else has.
  14. My favourite film is Mamma Mia. Most people despise it, but I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it.
  15. My stomach makes funny gurgling noises for no reason. It sounds like a hot water bottle.
  16. I once started writing a novel. I gave up once I got to 10,000 words. One day I’ll write a full novel.
  17. I taught myself to play the keyboard. Only to grade 2 though, nothing impressive.
  18. I have been trying to grow my hair for the past 2years. It won’t grow.
  19. I collect bags, shoes, scarves and books.
  20. My first pet was a goldfish called Georgina.



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