31 Day Blog Challenge | Day 1



blog challenge


Hi. I’m Louise, I am 25 and for the past two years, I have lived with diabetes. For too long, I let my diabetes rule my life, but now, I’m taking control of my life. I have a wonderful family, boyfriend, a steady job and am currently saving to buy a house with my boyfriend Paul. That, in a nutshell, is who I am. I started this blog mainly to keep a record of my experiences with diabetes. I have  a habit of rambling, so quite often do end up talking about all sorts.

I used to think I wasn’t a very exciting human being. However, I have in the past year or so, taken to learning new things and becoming interested in a number of things. I like to knit. Usually associated with  old women, I don’t tell too many people that I knit. But I love it. I find knitting so therapeutic, as I get carried away, and have no sense of time, when I’m knitting. I completed my first big project earlier this year – I knitted a jumper! Proud moment!

I also like to take part in photography. I have a Nikon D3000 and like to take it on adventures. As well as taking photos, I also like to spend hours looking at other people’s photography. Many an afternoon has been spent exploring Flickr!

I like music. There is nothing worse than sitting in silence. Paul and I go to a lot of gigs. The last gig I went to was the Muse tour in May this year. 3 words: BEST.GIG.EVER. I don’t think any concert will ever match up to the performance that Muse gave in May.

So, a little bit about myself. I hope I don’t sound too boring! At the moment, I’m trying to put a lot of effort into everything that I do. Including this 31 day challenge that I’ve taken up!



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