All aboard the d-rollercoaster!

Overall, I’d say I have good control of my diabetes. Out of 106 tests, only 12 have been in double figures. I am happy with this, as the double figures have been as a result of illness. Something that is out of my control. What continues to pester me, is the low’s. The low sugar levels creep on me, when I least expect them. I wish I changed in some way.

Take my dad, for example; a placid man by nature. However, when his sugar levels are dropping, we often tease him, saying he changes into the Incredible Hulk. Sometimes a little grumpy, but once dad’s got some food in him, he’s back to being the lovely man that we know and love.


On the other hand, I don’t feel any different, when my levels are low. Sometimes, I feel low, but after testing, I’m a perfect 5.5. Where is the logic in this?!  Since I did the DAFNE course, I have had 6 hypos, according to ‘DAFNE Principles’. I think I have felt one of those hypos. The scariest moment was when I dropped to 2.7. I dropped to this whilst watching TV with Paul, one Friday evening. I think I commented a couple of posts ago. I only tested because I was about to do my background insulin. I dread to think what it would have dropped to if I hadn’t have tested at that point!

I am trying to give myself less opportunities to have hypos. I am certainly eating more carbs, these days. (Good job I’m going zumba more often!) I am also giving myself less insulin on occasions. For example, if my bg levels are at the lower end of the scale, I won’t use a 1:1 ratio. Instead, if I’m eating 6cp’s, I may only give myself 4 or 5 units of insulin. My strategy doesn’t seem to be working , though *insert sad face*.

This is definitely something I need to get sorted. DAFNE principles are all about us being able to live normal lives. At the moment, my diabetes is NOT letting me to do that. I have a DAFNE follow up meeting 16th September, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some advice from one of the DSN’s, then.

On a brighter note, I’m meeting the Lovely Lizzie tomorrow (she writes a great blog, read it here), for a coffee (tea, water, orange juice, whatever we fancy!) and a chat. That poor girl is going to be sick of me soon, I reckon!


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