All types of unexplained craziness

Since completing my DAFNE course, I am fairly pleased with how my sugar levels have been. Except for two days this week. One day, I had incredibly high levels, for no reason. The next day, I had incredibly low levels, for no reason. 

Thursday was an inconvenient day to have unpredictable levels. The plan was to try out a new zumba class. I am obsessed with zumba at the moment. If I didn’t have Paul to keep me company, I would probably go to a zumba class five days a week! 

My pancreas seems to know the best time to make life difficult for me. Thursday, 5.30pm, was dinner time. Testing my sugars as always, my monitor displayed the rather worrying figure ‘15.3’. Darn it. At least a test for ketones came back negative. As my mum says, always look on the bright side! I took a 2 correction units, ate my dinner, and away I went to my zumba class!

I hate being late anywhere, so good old me, I turned up to my class half an hour early. Ok, a little bit early. Testing my blood would kill a minute or so. I wish I hadn’t. A very angry ‘3.1’. Thanks, pancreas. A guzzle of lucozade and a couple of dextrose tablets sorted me out. I called this a victory, as my bg level was 7.7 after my zumba class. All hail my hypo treatment strategy! 

So, Thursday was my day of highs and lows. Friday then, was my day of lows. Probably because I did one too many units of insulin with my evening meal, I dropped to 2.7 at 9pm. This was a big shock to me, as I was only testing before taking my background insulin. I wouldn’t have tested otherwise, because I felt absolutely fine. Poor Paul, rushing around trying to get my hypo treatment to me as quickly as possible. And then me telling him I didn’t want haribo sweets, I wanted my yummy lucozade! I don’t think I sounded like a spoilt brat at this point, I just wanted to taste Orange lucozade, I lived on it before I was diabetic! I over treated this hypo, as my monitor told me my bg level 2 hours later, was 11. It was worth it though, I LOVE Orange Lucozade! Correction dose taken, and to bed I went. 

I’m not sure what’s causing my sugar levels to go haywire these past few days, I just hope they start to get back on track soon. It’s tiring, having such high’s and low’s. 






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