Still Ill

Does the body rule the mind
Or does the mind rule the body ?
I don´t know….

These lyrics are from ‘Still Ill’, by the Smiths. One of my favourite bands. My IBS have flared up once again and the lines  sum up how I end up feeling whenever I’m ill. I won’t bore you with every detail of how I’m feeling. I’ll just say that it being ill sucks.

My first week, trialing DAFNE principles in real life, seems to have worked relatively well. I may have to change my lunchtime ratio, but I am pleased to say that I gave myself the correct amount of insulin for two pizzas (pizza two days in one week, naughty me!) and the most amazing Indian takeaway! Hurrah! If only I had been on the course months ago when I first went on insulin…

I’ve wasted today, being ill, so I’m really hoping tomorrow is a better day. A trip to IKEA is needed, as I broke my lovely green lamp 😦 RIP Little Green Lamp…


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