Graduation Day

I graduated from university four years ago. I earned a BA English & American Literature. This week however, I also became a DAFNE Graduate, after only 5 days. Yet, this was arguably a big a step as graduating from university. 

I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about having 5 days to learn about ‘carb counting’. Surely there is only so much you can be taught in a classroom, about counting the amount of carbohydrates in the food we eat?

Thankfully, my attitude changed quickly over the course of the week. I have learnt so much more than I imagined possible! I was shocked at how little some people with diabetes, actually know about the ‘disease’, despite having to cope with it every day of their life, for the rest of their life! 

Fast forward 5 days, and here I am, confident that this course has changed the way I think about my diabetes. No more missing out on alcohol or takeaways, no more forcing myself to eat when I’m ill, and more control in my life. 

Safe to say, I’m feeling pretty optimistic at the moment. I’ve given myself 6 months to get my HBA1C to 6, and I really think I can do it!

Au revoir, bad diabetes control!


Can’t believe I was allowed to treat myself to one of these at the end of the DAFNE course! Yum!



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